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  • Graphic Designers
  • Illustrator
  • Copywriter
  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Photographers
  • Accountants

KEVIN | Aboriginal Artist/Consultant

Who are we...

Our Passion is to develop unique, creative and innovative design solutions for SME's and Organisations, which will assist in their growth towards reaching their full potential

Just Stickerz is a new service that offers the design and production of vinyl cut out stickers, from small items all the way up to car and boat stickers.

Sponsorship Supporting those that support us

MIRANDA | Administration

  • Karratha Enduro Moto X
  • Cougars Netball Club
  • Tom Price Motorcycle Club

Mission Statement

Just Creativ is devoted to designing and producing custom sublimated apparel for work, sport or leisure.

WESTY  | Creative Director

  • Karratha Storm Junior Rugby Club
  • Nickol Bay Speedway
  • Sun City Foursquare Gospel Church
  • North Pilbara Cricket Association
  • West Pilbara Softball Organisation
  • Karratha Falcons Football Club
  • Pegs Creek Cricket Club
  • Pegs Creek Primary School
  • Spaniards Cricket Club
  • Hedland Squash Club

We are now proud to announce – we are a Certified Supply Nation supplier. 

Its not about Quantity – its all about Quality.

Our small team of creatives and affiliates will ensure your experience with WTDS is not a fleeting moment – as we prefer to build on relationships with our clients for the long term.

We are your visual communication specialists in all print, web based graphics and communications.

WTDS Websites Design and Development is where we bring our clients’ vision to life online, whether that is a simple landing page for making contact, or a fully featured website.

Purpose Statement

Custom Coolaz provides drink coolers designed and printed in full colour for customers seeking to promote their business or celebrate an event.

​A little bit of info on the company....

WT Design Studio is an Award Winning, boutique, Pacific Islander/Aboriginal owned design and illustration business, that produces graphic design for all print and web based communications. The design studio was established as a home-based business in Karratha in 2014 by owner-operators, Nathaniel [Westy] and Miranda Ihanimo. There is an established team of subcontractors, including an Aboriginal artist, a Copywriter, a Designer and a Web Developer to ensure their clients receive the best service, work and on time. They are driven by their passion to produce unique, creative and quality work for all their clients, from home-based business’ to the corporate sector and government agencies. By working with a dedicated team of creative professionals, this allows them to continually offer great service and designs, their work speaks volumes for itself 


Westytoons showcases Nathaniel’s talent for custom illustration, caricatures, comic production and mascot design.

We Create. We Inspire. Our Passion is Your Success